How the New IOS 14 Update Affects facebook ads for your indiegogo campaign & what you can do about it.

How the New IOS 14 Update Affects facebook ads for your indiegogo campaign & what you can do about it.

The new Apple iOS 14 privacy policy update has caused Facebook advertisers (and Facebook itself) to panic. There is a lot of debate and noise with the new update, but it essentially boils down to one thing – people don’t want to be tracked. Consequentially, that means Facebook ads will no longer be as effective and advertisers are losing access to some of their most valuable targeting data.

Small businesses are panicking. Facebook is fuming.

But not all is as bad (if you choose to ignore Facebook’s rants). The new update lets you prioritize key events to track instead of tracking every movement. While this may seem restrictive, we strongly believe it will help businesses retain their focus & specifically measure for what matters.

So whether you’re a small business or an Indiegogo funded campaign, you can turn this roadblock into an opportunity by taking key actions recommended by Facebook.

Here’s how.

Understand What the iOS 14 Policy Update is About

Specifically, Apple will require apps in the App Store to show a prompt to iOS 14 users, asking if they allow “app” to track their activities across other companies’ apps and websites. Users who opt out of tracking will no longer have ads following them across the internet.

The new feature will keep users’ online life more private by giving them the option to turn off ad tracking within the apps they use. This means apps cannot use data for targeted ads, share location data with advertisers or advertising ID with any other third parties.

iOS 14 Prompt on User Screen

How Does this Impact Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads thrive on aggregated data. The impact however is not limited to just ads visibility. It affects web conversions, ad personalization, performance reporting & more importantly, reduced effectiveness as more and more people opt out of tracking.

Pixel actions like form submission, click to download, add to cart, purchase completion will have less numbers reported.

As a result, less pixel tracking activity means there will be less data to work with when optimizing ads.

Lastly, Lookalike Audiences will be the most impacted as users who opted out of the iOS 14 updates won’t be included in retargeting or lookalike audiences.

Facebook objectives affected by this change are:

Traffic, App Installs, Conversions, Catalog Sales.

Another critical change is the limiting of Event Tracking.

For each domain, there will now be only a limit of 8 events that can be tracked – and these 8 events will be automatically assigned by Facebook based on what it believes is the most relevant to your business.

Users who opt out of the tracking will only be logged for one event if they click on a Facebook ad.

Aggregated Event Measurement – Facebook’s Solution to the Changes

In response to the new update where user privacy is preserved & small business can still run campaigns, Facebook launched the Aggregated Event Measurement – a solution that allows for measurement of web events from iOS 14 or later device.

Under this solution, there are several actions that businesses must implement to be able to continue running & measuring campaign performance.

A quick summary of the update:

  1. If you deliver ads for conversion events that occur in your business’s app then you need to update to Facebook’s SDK for iOS 14.
  2. If you deliver ads for conversion events that occur in your business’s website, then you need to verify your website’s domain. You can learn how to verify your domain here.
  3. Configure 8 web conversion events per domain in the Events Manager. Facebook will automatically configure the conversion events relevant to your business based on your activity.
  4. You can continue using existing ad accounts to advertise to iOS 14 users, but if it’s for app install campaigns, you’ll need to create separate campaigns due to the reporting limitations from Apple’s SKAdNetwork API.
  5. Data reporting may be delayed for up to 3 days. Real-time reporting will no longer be supported.
  6. Use broad audience and targeting expansion for audience targeting.

It’s too early to predict how these changes will impact sales & ROI but considering that iOS 14 is now installed on 85 per cent of all iPhones, of which there are 1 billion people, businesses need to up their advertising game.

How Does the New Policy Impact Indiegogo Campaigns?

The new policy & update has created a ripple affect across industries. Third-party platforms that allow for Facebook Pixel integration such as Indiegogo will have to create new solution layers to meet the changes.

Indiegogo, being a crowdfunding platform allows campaigners to optimize Facebook ad campaigns through web event data as well as Indiegogo campaign page traffic insights.

With the AEM protocol, Indiegogo has had to create a solution which it called the Conversions API (CAPI) to continue to allow Facebook Pixel to function optimally on Indiegogo campaign pages.

Why the Need for CAPI & How to Set it Up for Your Campaign

It’s important to mention that domain ownership is the most important point in the AEM protocol. This means advertisers have to verify their domains with their Facebook Business Manager to continue running campaigns.

Campaign pages on Indiegogo are not owned by the campaigners, instead they are hosted on Indiegogo servers. This means you won’t be able to verify your Indiegogo campaign page and hence, Facbeook Pixel will not work on the page.

CAPI is the solution to this problem.

CAPI makes it possible to deliver events from the Indiegogo campaign page directly to Facebook’s server under your domain name.

So if you’re running an Indiegogo campaign, here’s what you can do to continue running and measuring ads.

  1. Register a Domain Name Relevant to Your Campaign

The purpose of this domain name will simply be to integrate CAPI in the backend therefore it doesn’t need to be an expensive name. You can even go on namecheap and just buy any domain name you like (do try to make it relevant to your campaign).

  • Verify the Purchased Domain the FB Account

 Go to Your Facebook Business Manager –> Settings –> Business Settings –> Brand Safety –> Domains –> Add Your Domain

Once the domain is added, refresh the page, then click on meta-tag verification.

  • Recreating the Facebook Pixel Setup with a New Pixel

The old pixel will no longer work, so you’ll have to recreate the pixel again using the API conversion method as given in the AEM protocol. To re-create the Facebook pixel simply go through the same process of creating a pixel, but just choose Conversion API for web events.

  • Submit New Pixel & Domain to Indiegogo

Submit the pixel and domain to the Extra tab of the Indiegogo admin account. Once the pixel is submitted, it will be loaded at Indiegogo’s backend.

  • Give Indiegogo Campaign Page Access to Pixel

Select the pixel that you want to share to your Indiegogo campaign page access, then send Indiegogo a partnership request. You can get this done by visiting Assigning Partners in your Business manager (Business Setting –> Data Sources –> Pixels à Assign Partners). For CAPI to work smoothly, be sure to grant Full Control “Manage Pixel.”

  • Configure Aggregated Events Measurement (AEM)

The last step is to add events to your website domain & assign them to the designated pixel. It might take 72 hours for AEM to show up, however, it will only show up when there are event activities on the campaign page.

Now that it’s all integrated, launch your campaign and check if the data is flowing correctly.

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What Does the Future Hold for Facebook Advertising in General and for Crowdfunding?

It’s really too early to be making predictions at this point. Sure the impact is heavy, but then again, it also opens up new opportunities for businesses to discover better ways to advertise rather than to rely solely on one social media channel. More importantly, it allows you to track only metrics that matter, helping you retain focus & monitoring key events over a hundred different events.

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