Resources To Help You Smash Your Crowdfunding Project

This page is for those that are thinking about crowdfunding but not sure on the process of how it works. It’s also for those that don’t have a budget for marketing or want to raise less than $30,000.

We are always trying to add resources and the latest tricks to help a campaign. You can view our blog for more information or join the free Facebook group.

You can also inquire about the training course that can help you with putting together your own course or hiring Samit as a mentor.

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I got invited by ‘Global Sources’ who are the other big competitor to Alibaba. I went over to Hong Kong to the event ‘Startup Launchpad’ and did a 30-minute talk on how to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign.

I got interviewed on why I recommend launching a crowdfunding campaign for new product launches regardless of whether you’ve already got an existing brand or not.

Here I got my interview hat on and interviewed Fares from Circadia who is one of our clients on the thinking processes behind a crowdfunding launch as well as product development.

I got asked for my top 3 tips to summarise the 30-minute presentation I did down in Hong Kong. Let’s just say Crowdfunding can’t be summarised into 3 tips but I tried.

Everyone always wants to know which is the better platform to launch your project on? Here I break down it all down.

Are you chasing a silver bullet? Is your strategy just based on getting PR? This is a video on how to get PR on a budget as well as working out whether or not your product is likely to generate PR.

I got invited to speak at FINA World Aquatics Convention 2018 in Hangzhou, I spoke about how corporates and individuals can raise funding.


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