Landing Pages as an Important Part of Sales Funnels for Crowdfunding Campaigns


Landing Pages as an Important Part of Sales Funnels for Crowdfunding Campaigns

You’ve got a great product and you’re 100% sure it will be a success. The only problem? You’re stuck and are not able to get people to sign up and become your supporters or campaign backers. Crowdfunding is actually a game of clever marketing.


If you’re able to create a funnel where you can get signups to your website or landing page, you’ll be able to get those people to support you when your campaign launches. This is also why it’s always recommended that you prepare at least 6 months in advance before launching your campaign. You want at least 5,000 signups to your website or product. The best way to do this is to create a sales funnel.

What is a Sales Funnel?

What is sale funnel

Simply put, it’s a buying process that companies lead customer’s through to the final purchase decision.
One of the most common sales funnel is a landing page.

A landing page is a focused web page that you use to advertise or market a product or service. It is an important component of a marketing campaign. You run ads on Google and direct your customers to your landing page. This means not having any other links on the page, no navigation bar, nothing that would interfere with the user and push them to complete one goal….giving you their contact information. Once there, the main purpose is to get your customers to signup to your services.

What You Need to Know About Landing Pages

what you need to know about landing pages

Think of a landing page as your office.

You’re inviting people to visit you at the office, talk to you about their requirements and become your customers. How you design your office, how you make it easily accessible and most importantly, how you communicate with the customer while they are in your office has a direct impact on the customer’s decision to hire you.

It’s the same with a landing page. You have to convince visitors on why they should invest in your business.
Here are a few important things to do you create your landing page.


Keep it simple. Keep it action-oriented. Keep it clean.

Avoid using a plethora of colors. Avoid gaudy designs.

Focus on your 3 main USPs and why someone should sign up for the launch of your product.

A typical landing page would have:

✔️ LOGO:
Placed at the top of the page i.e Homecera

A nice image that explains the product and people can tell what it does.

Have an action orientated headline that introduces your product to the user over the i.e Dry, Deodorize and Sterilize Your Shoes With One Amazing Cordless Device

Sub explanation that summarises all the great USPS of the product i.e Give your shoes that box fresh, ‘good as new feeling’ with Homecera. It dries, deodorizes and sterilizes your shoes in minutes, meaning you can slip them on with confidence. It’s cordless, compact and works with any shoe or boot.

Your sign up fields go here with an explanation below as to what they get for signing up i.e
Enter your email and click ‘Reserve My Invite’ you’ll be able to get the product 41% OFF our retail price and get a pair for only $89 as an early supporter.

✔️ (USP1 HEADLINE + PICTURE) i.e One device does it all
(Sub explanation) i.e Homecera is designed to be versatile. It gives your shoes an all-in-one makeover. With its fan, honeycomb heating element and infra-red technology, it dries out wet shoes and freshens up smelly shoes. It also blasts away the bacteria that causes athlete’s foot. Whether it’s your leather work shoes, gym sneakers or old faithful rain boots, Homecera can work its magic on all your shoes.

✔️ USP2 HEADLINE + PICTURE: i.e Cordless and compact
(Sub explanation) i.e Homecera works without wires, lasting for two hours off one charge. It’s compact, so it’s easy to carry around with you or store near your shoes in the home. It has a temperature and a timer, so you know exactly when your shoes will be ready to wear again. Once you try it, you will never settle for smelly shoes again!

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✔️ USP3 HEADLINE + PICTURE i.e Keeps your shoes as good as new
(Sub explanation) i.e There’s nothing like that feeling of pulling on a brand new pair of shoes. With Homecera, you can experience that freshness every day. Use it before a date for ultimate confidence. Use it on your soccer boots before a big match and you’ll feel like you’re walking on air! Use to make your shoes last longer.

✔️ END CALL TO ACTION HEADING: i.e Launching Soon Don’t Miss Out
(End Call To Action) Your sign up fields goes here with an explanation below as to what they get for signing up i.e Enter your email and click ‘Reserve My Invite’ you’ll be able to get the product 41% OFF our retail price and get a pair for only $89 as an early supporter.

This is how a typical landing page will look like.

Landing Page Product Pitch

New Product

The first thing people will see is your product pitch which is the hook that you get them excited about your product.

Here is an example:

(USP) + (what is the product)+ (what does it do)

“Worlds First LCD Headphones Let You Feel The Music”

Notice how there’s a ‘YOU’ to the headline? Good copy is always written with a single person in mind.

You can also play around with adding power words to make it sound better, i.e Breakthrough, Amazing, Powerful

“Breakthrough LCD Headphones Let You Feel The Music”

This headline that you’ve just created can be used for Facebook ads, your landing page, your email subject lines and so much more.

We highly recommend a FREE tool called Aminstitue Headline Analyzer , which helps to see whether the headline is good enough.
It gives you a % based on various indicators like emotions to see whether you’ve got a winning headline.

Let’s see it in action

✔️Worlds First LCD Headphones Let You Feel The Music (AminstituteRank 33.33%)

Not a great rank, it tells me the gifted copywriters get 50%-75% EMV words in headlines.

Let’s try the second headline

✔️Breakthrough LCD Headphones Let You Feel The Music (Aminstitute rank 50%)

So the second headline we created with the power word outperformed the first one.

It is recommended you create a number of different variations and use all of these in your marketing.

Remember, a powerful, effective landing page will play a significant role in helping you lead customers through the sales funnel.

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