Indiegogo Top Successful Projects 2019 with Over $1Million Funding

Indiegogo Top Successful Projects 2019 with Over $1Million Funding

Indiegogo Top Successful Projects 2019 with Over $1Million Funding

15 million people.

$1.6 billion raised.

11 million contributors.

Indiegogo is a powerful, open crowdfunding platform that has made it possible for hundreds of businesses to raise funds for their projects. What’s better is the platform’s in demand feature that has allowed for entrepreneurs and businesses to raise funds even after they’ve met their goals.

2019 has seen some amazing projects on Indiegogo crossing the $1Million mark.

Let’s take a look at some of the best tech projects of the year and discover what they did right!

1) MATE X: Foldable e-Bike – $17.7 Million

This high spec eBike is the highest funded project on Indiegogo standing at $17.7 Million with more than 22, 770 backers. So what’s super cool about this bike? It is a foldable, e-bike with a computer display that provides you with basic info on mileage, speed, battery life and other personalized setting options. The selling feature of the Mate X is not its looks or its size, but it’s ability to fold down to a very compact 78 cm high, 103 cm long and 59 cm wide. This means it can be brought along anywhere you want without occupying major space.

What to Learn from this Campaign:

Innovation is great, but innovation is not enough. There are many cool gadgets out there, but only those that offer comfort, ease, quality and affordability make it to the top. Secondly, always improvise. The Mate-X is an improvement from the former Mate eBike launched in 2016.

2) Flow Hive 2 – $14.9 Million

Ok, so this one’s pretty interesting! Although it’s not a tech product, it is rated highest in the innovation category. The Flow Hive 2 is beekeeping done right. Extracting honey from hives has always been a demanding labor – suiting up, smoking the bees, sweeping them off, transporting frames and so on. This new product removes all the hassle to beekeeping and honey extraction! The Flow Hive is designed like a mini cabinet with multiple frames, windows and hardware that lets you extract honey while being gentle on the bees. This innovative item has made it easy for anyone interested in bee collection to pursue the hobby without the extra labor involved.

What to Learn from this Campaign:

Solve a problem within your line of work or your favorite hobby. The founders of this project were veteran beekeepers and they figured out an easier way for people to pursue a hobby they love without all the extra hassle that comes with it.

3) Ubuntu Edge – $12.7 Million

With 27,633 backers, Ubuntu Edge has been around since 2014. For the uninitiated, the Ubuntu Edge is a smartphone that uses open-source Ubuntu Touch Software as well as Android. It’s a low-volume, high-tech phone that brings new technologies to the forefront, challenging existing, traditional systems. What’s more is the phone’s ability to connect to any monitor and transform itself into a fully integrated desktop OS. Now that’s talking innovation! In the words of Ubuntu, the Ubuntu Edge is a ‘superphone,’ created to drive the next generation of personal computing.

What to Learn from this Campaign:

Don’t let the mainstream products or technologies intimidate you. While Ubuntu may not be globally popular like Samsung or Apple, it is one that is loved by its target audience for its functionality and smart use of tech.

4) ZeTime Hybrid Smartwatch – $6.5 Million

Indiegogo and Kickstarter are loaded (overloaded?) with smartwatch projects. The ZeTime however stands out from the rest of the projects as it blends the classic design of a traditional timepiece with advanced features of a smartwatch. But what is truly remarkable of this watch is the fact that it can be worn for 30 days without charge. You get all the essential functionalities like you would get in a normal smartwatch – heart rate monitoring, integration with chat apps, missed call notifications, weather notifications etc. Designed in Switzerland, the ZeTime smartwatch starts at $159.

What to Learn from this Campaign:

There may be dozens of products in your chosen category, but what helps you stand apart from the rest is your determination to provide design, features, autonomy and quality at an affordable price point.

5) Pilot Smart Earpiece Language Translator – $4.4 Million

This is a traveler’s dream come true. The Pilot is an earpiece which translates between languages. You can hear foreign languages translated into your language as they speak. Using speech recognition and machine translation, users can speak different languages and still be able to understand each other. There is however a catch – the other person needs to have the same earpiece and if they don’t have the earpiece, they can use the smartphone app which can act as a loudspeaker.

What Can We Learn from this Campaign:

What we love most about the Pilot’s campaign is its honest explanation of the product. It doesn’t promise instant translation. It doesn’t promise a seemingly impossible idea. It doesn’t promise perfection. The company has clearly mentioned that machine translation is not perfect and it will make mistakes, but it gets better as more people use it.


Starting a project on Indiegogo is easy as it’s an open platform, but for backers on Indiegogo to support your project, it needs to offer a lot more than just innovation.

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If you want to truly be successful on Indiegogo, you need to know for sure what people really want or you should be able to solve a real-world problem at an affordable cost. More importantly, you need to keep it real. There are hundreds of projects on Indiegogo that promise the moon, but none of them get backed by people who are tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and product experts themselves.

Check out the videos below for more.

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