What are Some Valid Reasons People Cancel on Projects


What are Some Valid Reasons People Cancel on Projects

Over the years, we’ve heard from hundreds of backers who canceled their pledge cite one or some of the following reasons.

1. Money problems:

Sometimes people who back several projects at once run into money issues. Because they’ve invested a $50 here, a $50 there, over time it piles up. When an emergency occurs, they have to cancel all their projects.

In this case, it’s always nice to reach out to project creators and let them know why you’re canceling. In our experience, over 90% of cancellations happen because of money issues.

That said, it’s important to understand that you should only invest money you can afford to lose for a crowdfunding project.

2. Creator Issues:

When creators are non-responsive, change direction mid-way or simply don’t follow through, backers end up canceling the project because they don’t feel strongly about it.

If you don’t trust a project, it’s better not to fund early on, only to cancel later.

You can wait on it and see how it performs. If it’s being backed by hundreds of people and is making 6-figure funding, you can pledge right at the end.

3. Shipping Costs:

Many backers outside of the US usually cancel their pledge because of shipping costs. If you want to invest in the project but are unsure of the shipment fees, then it’s better to ask the creator before pledging.

Creators usually mention shipment costs on the right column of their campaign page. If you’re not sure about costs to your country, always ask before backing.

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Project creators rely on pledges to raise money for their product & every dollar raised is of immense value. Conversely, every dollar canceled is demotivation. It’s not cool to cancel on creators mid-way through a campaign unless you have a legit reason to do so.

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