Kickstarter Marketing Agency

Let me give you a brief summary of why I decided to start a Kickstarter Marketing Agency.


My first introduction to the world of crowdfunding and Kickstarter was through my first client Blocks Modular Smartwatch. An innovative project that took inspiration from Google project Ara and wanted to apply the concept to the smartwatch. 


I was following the project from its early days and really wanted to get involved with startups. Luckily our stars aligned, I was in a position to find a new project and they were looking for a campaign manager for their launch. 


As an expert digital marketer, I thought the process for Kickstarter was the same. I was shocked to learn once I got hands-on how different it really was, some elements cross over but the Kickstarter audience is different from the normal buyer through e-commerce.


I helped the Blocks Modular Smartwatch raise over $1.6 million on Kickstarter alone. People started hearing about what I’d done and started getting companies asking me to work on their project. I thought about setting up a Kickstarter marketing agency at this point but I thought it was too early. I wanted to really challenge myself and find a project that was niche with no fan base. 


I managed to connect up with Carv the AI Ski coach, the project was built by excellent engineers but lacked any marketing. When I decided to work on their project they had no social media presence, no fan base and their messaging was all over the place. 


I managed to refine their messaging, build a dedicated fan base and promote the project. The project ended up raised over $280,000 which set a record for the highest funded sports project. This was remarkable for a project that was really niche and only targeted at Skiers. 


It was at this point I decided the time was right to set up my own agency and worked under my own name to provide complete transparency in the industry.  I soon grew the Kickstarter marketing agency and started hiring people to be able to help projects raise even more


The majority of Kickstarter campaigns fail. One of the main reasons for their failure is that project creators don’t prioritise marketing and expect the Kickstarter platform to do all the work.


Reaching the right audience and growing the awareness of the Kickstarter campaign is the recipe for success. You can have the best product or service in the world, but without finding the right people willing to buy it, it will not go for.


This is where our Kickstarter marketing agency comes in. Through my experience working with many successful Kickstarter projects, we can help your Kickstarter achieve and exceed its goal.


Our Kickstarter Marketing Agency can help you all marketing areas and create the perfect marketing strategy that will be suited to your particular campaign.


Some of the services we offer include PR, Growth Hacking, Digital advertising and more.


We only take on a limited amount of projects every month, it is important you provide as much information as possible and get in contact EARLY.

Yes, I want the agency to help me succeed with my project

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