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We create customer marketing strategies that are unique to each project. That’s because we believe each product deserves the same time and passion to the project as you have demonstrated to get the product to the crowdfunding stage.

When you hire Samit Max Patel you will get a dedicated team. The team will take a 360º view of everything related to your product and the project. Making sure no costly mistakes affect the smooth running of the project is their key responsibility. As is communicating with your team working on the project, and liaising with any contractors you have hired.

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Don’t make the mistake of thinking that uploading a video and a pitch will get the donations to come flooding in. No matter how good your homepage, if you haven’t done the groundwork, people won’t know your page is there and your project won’t capture people’s imagination and attract donations.

The projects that consistently attract the most funding all have several strategies being executed behind the scenes before launch.

Certain steps need to be planned to perfection to make sure people are ready to fund you on the day you launch.

Our team makes sure that we get under the skin of your project to work out which key messages you need to be delivering, and ensuring they are tailored to appeal to your core target audience. This will help build a list of people who are likely to be interested in your product/project, and who could act as Early Adopters.


To be successful, projects need to get the Press interested. They can help fan the flames of the campaign, so news reaches a much bigger audience than would otherwise be possible without their input.

Our team creates a targeted list of press contacts and journalists who are most likely to be interested in and engage with your product.

We will also develop a pre-launch marketing campaign designed to validate your product and raise awareness of your project.

If your project has e-commerce ambitions following the crowdfunding launch, then good SEO backlinks from high ranking press sources will be vital to success.

The team at Samit Max Patel will make sure this is exactly what you get. We have an impressive track record of getting our clients favourable press with the likes of Mashable and Sky News.

We work with a team of journalists who know how to create press releases and pitches that will present your project in a way that will maximise the chances of generating positive PR and Press interest.

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Crowdfunding Videos

These really are the stars of any campaign, and are often the first piece of communication people will see that relates to your product.

Yet so many great products fail to hit funding targets because their pitch videos do not effectively communicate their benefits.

Here at Samit Max Patel, our experience of working on Kickstarter and other crowdfunding campaigns means we know how to write effective video scripts.

Crowdfunder Pitch Copy

The main page of any Kickstarter or other crowdfunding project needs to convert visitors to your page into backers of your project. It needs to inspire, motivate and excite them. After all, with so many crowdfunding projects competing for funding, you’ve got to find a way to stand out and earn every dollar. We can help.

We know which campaign templates convert traffic to your site into donations. Our team of expert copywriters craft the messaging on your Kickstarter page so it perfectly sells your product and compels visitors to make donations.

Paid Advertising – Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Google Ads

You simply cannot expect your campaign to raise in excess of $50,000 funding without advertising. It takes more than a boost to one of your Facebook posts to achieve the desired returns.

Every campaign that manages to raise the mega bucks uses paid advertising. Social media adverts provide a strong launchpad which give momentum to your campaign. So yes, you will have to invest in paid adverts. But, if they are correctly worded and targeted, they will pay for themselves many times over if they help you achieve not only your funding goals but also the first pre-orders of your product.

We ensure your advertising budget is correctly allocated and spent efficiently to help ensure maximum effectiveness.

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This is the most exciting and nerve-wracking time. A time when you need an active as well as a calm influence. You also need not only a Plan A and Plan B. But contingencies right down to Plan Z.

Because no matter how well prepared you are, things can go wrong, or surprises can pop up. When they do, you need someone around who’s been there and done it before. Someone who can help guide you through the ups and downs and help you make the right decisions.

You may need to tweak or update your pitch in reaction to changing market conditions. You may need further advertising to bolster a campaign and get the final donations you need.

The team at Samit Max Patel will show you the way. Our team, will dedicate themselves to everything to do with your project. We will be your Shrinks as well as the person who helps everyone maintain their focus.


Samit Max Patel’s services extend beyond the crowdfunding stage to the product launch phase. Most companies that hit their donations target look to build an e-commerce website that will enable them to capitalise on their success and drive sales of their new product in its early days.

Our team will ensure your sales funnels and sales pages are all A/B tested, and use our skills and contacts to drive quality traffic to your site that will turn into sales for your business.

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