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When there isn’t someone offering what you want, a gap in the market, innovative people go out there and try to fill it.

When I was a freelance marketer, I could never find an agency where they would show their clients the level of care, collaboration and achievement that I wanted to provide. So, I started one myself!

We’re a totally different kind of agency. While our results speak for themselves:

  • $1 million raised for Octopus Kids Watch
  • $1 million raised for Mindset Headphones
  • $1.66 million raised for Blocks Modular Smartwatch
  • And much, much more across many successful crowdfunding projects

We achieve our results in the right way:

  • Collaborative, transparent approach
  • Personal, friendly service
  • Small number of clients to ensure we deliver every time
  • Flexible payment structure

I’ve put together a team of experts in their areas of speciality, but with the same care and passion that I have shown throughout my career. It’s why our clients love us.  

We love to work with small companies, starting out on the road to greatness. Innovative designers who have something the world will love, but need help to make it happen. I have another brand, Joopio, for the big clients. My personal teamwork on newer, cutting-edge work.

Are you an awesome marketer? Would you like to work with a team who stand out from the crowd? We’re always looking to add more spectacular people to our team. If you think you fit the bill, why not get in touch?


We only take on a limited amount of projects every month, it is important you provide as much information as possible and get in contact EARLY.

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