Silentkeys Privacy Keyboard

About This Project

I helped launch the Silentkeys privacy keyboard on Kickstarter.


I worked with the founders to work out the core messaging and ideal target audience. The main problem the campaign faced was that privacy was an issue the consumer doesn’t care about.


I tested various messaging and created an email drip campaign to educate users once they signed up and to show them how their privacy was at risk.


We built up a core audience of people that had worries about their security, this audience helped us achieve our funding goal of €50,000 in a few days.


The project gained coverage from Digital Trends, USA today, The Economic Times, Korben, RTs and hundreds of other press outlets.


The project ended up raising €110k + with over 700 backers.


Useful Links

Silentkeys Website

Silentkeys Kickstarter Page

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