Just Who is Samit Patel

Samit Patel is an experienced Kickstarter consultant & Kickstarter marketing expert and Crowdfunding expert. His extensive experience working in high growth digital companies has helped shape his strategies and techniques. Samit has accumulated an impressive list of success stories for companies he has worked with. His work goes beyond crowdfunding projects, as he has has experience launching projects and creating sales funnels for eCommerce businesses.  


Samit loves helping companies get off the ground and is usually found in the London startup scene. He is always available to find out about startups around the world and meet the minds behind them. He regularly attends mentoring sessions and helps guide other entrepreneurs to follow their dreams.


Samit also has a side project called ‘Let’s Save The World’. The idea is simple: many great charities fail to raise awareness for the cause they’re trying to solve. Samit creates a viral video for their projects which he promotes through his personal funds.


But there’s more….

The Superhero

Samit is far from a robot, even though what you’ve heard so far might lead you to believe this. He enjoys debating politics, flying from country to country, kicking a ball around, reading autobiographies and business advice ( follow his recommended books list), cocktail testing and downing beers, jumping around in bars and clubs (no recommended list), supporting Tottenham Hotspur Football Club like a hooligan, and dressing up as superheroes (occasionally).

No….you’re right hes just a Robot

Bringing Samit on board is more like bringing on a temporary partner, someone who cares as deeply about succeeding as the founders. Samit commits to working hard for his clients to help them reach their goals and dreams. He provides a very personal service to every client and is available to speak to them at all times. Samit doesn’t believe in the 9 – 5, but works all hours to do what needs to be done. He loves sharing in the client’s success and seeing them thrive as a result of his input. He’s the guy you want next to you when you’ve got one shot at success.