Raybaby Baby Monitor

About This Project

I helped launch a health and sleep monitor for babies. The product was useful for newborn babies and catered for ages 0 – 3-year-olds so a very niche segment.


The team came to me with very limited sign ups and only a few weeks to launch. I’d advised to delay launch so they could get a good launch strategy in place. They could not move due to other commitments so I agreed to help as best as I can within time restrictions. 


I decided to focus efforts on raising awareness as quickly as possible to people within the niche, this involved brand awareness campaigns and video promotions. This was a risky tactic but was the only option for such a short time frame. 


The project received favorable press coverage from TechCrunch, Engadget, Mashable, Geekdad, Design Boom, Digital Trends and a further 100+ other sources.


The project raised  $140,000 + with over 1,148 backers.


Useful Links

Raybaby Kickstarter Page