Kickstarter Marketing Services

Each project is unique and deserves the same amount of passion from the marketer as you put into creating the project. I like to create a custom Kickstarter marketing service for each project, what worked for one project might not work for yours.

I have built up my knowledge base by working on a number of campaigns, I’ve been able to identify costly mistakes and help projects avoid them. I also use an extensive network of experts on top of my knowledge that help bring additional value such as journalists, copywriters, ad experts etc.
I work with companies looking to make more than 50,000 in funding.

Pre – Launch

The most funded projects all have a number of strategies being executed behind the scenes before they launch. Every step needs to be planned to near perfection to make sure people back your project on day one of launch.

I will deeply analyze your project and work out the key messaging as well as your core target audience. This will help build up a list of targeted people interested in your product who will act as early adopters.


For every project launch you need to get the press on your side. It is important to build up a targeted list of press and journalists that will engage with your product. PR is an important step as it helps flame the fires created by the pre-marketing campaign.

PR gives validation to your idea and helps raise further awareness not to mention the SEO benefits it also gives. If the project has e-commerce ambitions after crowdfunding than you need good SEO backlinks from high ranking press outlets.

I have an extensive history of gaining favorable press for clients from Mashable to Sky News. I work with a team of  journalists who know how to present the project in a way that will deliver press, they use their knowledge to craft amazing press releases and press pitches.

Kickstarter Video & Content

A video can make or break your campaign, the number of amazing products that have failed to communicate effectively what the key benefits of their product has led to failure or lower than expected funds.

The Kickstarter page is just as important, this needs to convert all the traffic you bring onto the page. The page needs to inspire, motivate or excite the traffic coming onto the page.

After working on a number of projects I know the best scripts for videos as well as campaign page templates that will convert traffic into sales. I also use a team of expert copywriters that  help craft a Kickstarter page to perfection pushing people to back the project.

Paid Advertising ( Facebook, Twitter, Google ads)

Every campaign that raises mega money uses paid advertising, it is important to use your crowdfunding campaign as a real launch pad for your project. The money you spend on your campaign is what will translate to pre-orders and continued sales when you move to your own e-commerce platform.

My extensive knowledge of the various ad platforms and know how allows me to make sure your money is allocated and spent efficiently. It is no good to simply boost a post and target a few interests to raise mega money.

Campaign Launch

During the launch you need an active as well as a calm influence, you need not only a plan A or plan B but also a plan Z. Things do go wrong no matter how much you prepare, you need the right guidance throughout the project to make sure you make the right decisions.

The campaign launch can be an exciting time as well as a nervous one, it’s when all your efforts will either bare fruit or not. No matter how you feel i will be dedicated to your project, I will be your shrink as well as a person that helps maintain focus throughout the project.  


Most campaigns that launch have aims to sell the product well after they’ve raised money on crowdfunding platforms. They will look to build an e-commerce website that will keep getting them sales.

My team and I will help guide you down this path, we will A/B test your funnels and sales pages. We will also use all the tools available to drive quality traffic that turns into sales for your business.

How I Work

Consultant – This is me overlooking the project taking a  360 view of all the projects activities, engaging with staff and looking over any 3rd party resources you decide to use. I will make sure you’re not making any costly mistakes and running efficiently. This is useful for projects that have majority of the resources in-house but they’ve not had experience of running a project. ( Fees is variable, although what I charge is less than the savings you make for avoiding mistakes and working efficiently. Ask me)

Full Campaign Hands-On – My team and I work on the project on all aspects from start to finish. We build up and test audiences before ( Fees variable Ask me)

Ad-Hoc Basis – This is were clients need help on specific areas, I understand that not everyone needs the full services. ( Fees variable ask me)

Phone Consultation – If you just want an opinion on your project video or campaign page than you might just need my expertise. I charge a flat rate fee for this of $100 for 30 minutes, if I don’t suggest anything useful or I feel your page is perfect you don’t pay a thing.