Crowdfunding Training Course

About This Course


This course will tell you start to finish what you need to know about launching a successful campaign. The course is for anyone launching a product either through a crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter or Indiegogo. 


All the lessons will be taught via screen share and videos. I will be showing you step by step on how I’ve helped projects succeed on platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

crowdfunding training course

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Course General Breakdown


  • Audience + Market analysis
  • Building up a campaign pre launch of Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaign
  • Driving traffic and sales during  Kickstarter/ Indiegogo campaign
  • Extended material + Tips & Tricks


What will I learn from this course?


  • How to validate your product idea
  • Identifying ideal target audience for your product
  • Build up an enthusiastic fan base for your product
  • Setting up a high converting landing page
  • Tracking and analysing traffic
  • Using Google to drive traffic including setting ads
  • Using Facebook to drive traffic including setting up ads
  • Using Twitter to drive traffic
  • Using Instagram to drive traffic
  • How to build up a email drip campaign
  • Building in a sign up funnel
  • Create a video script that pushes people to pledge
  • Create a high converting Kickstarter page
  • Create a high converting Indiegogo page
  • How to pitch to the press with templates
  • How to launch the product and how many days
  • What to do on Day 1 of launch
  • What to do on Day 2 of launch
  • What to do on the second week of launch
  • What to do on the last week of launch
  • What to do after you’ve finished your campaign
  • Building an e-commerce store


Bonus Material


  • High converting landing page template that drives 100s of sign ups daily
  • Facebook ad layouts + templates for different niches that drive 0.01 clicks
  • Email drip campaign templates with high open rates
  • Facebook video script template with high viewing rates
  • Ideal campaign page layout with high pledge conversions
  • The most common campaign mistakes and how to avoid them